Initial Client Meeting

The initial client meeting generally takes between one and a half and two hours.  During the initial client meeting we discuss:

  1. Who you are and if you have a family who they are?
  2. Whom you want to act as your Trustee, Personal Representative, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Agent?
  3. What are your assets and how you want these assets distributed upon your death?

After we have discussed the above, I prepare an Engagement Letter in which I tell you what I propose to do for you and what I will charge to do it. If you wish to proceed, we sign the Engagement Letter, we set a date and time for the delivery of your Estate Planning document, and you give me a retainer for one-half of the agreed upon fees.

There is no charge for the initial client meeting.

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Document Preparation and Review

Based on our initial client meeting I prepare your proposed Estate Planning documents and email them to you for your review and comment.

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Document Delivery and Funding/Retitling Your Trust

You sign your Estate Planning documents which are witnessed and notarized.

You, Ms Dion, and I discuss what needs to be done to fund your Trust(s).  We discuss the beneficiaries of your retirement assets (IRA, SIMPLE IRA, etc.), life insurance policies, annuities, pension benefits, etc.  This aspect of Estate Planning is vital to the proper operation of your Estate Plan.  Unfortunately, it is often not addressed.

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My Goal

My goal is to promptly provide you a first-rate, fairly priced, Estate Plan which fulfills your needs.


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